Automotive Locksmith Services

When you have a lock problem, you need to count on an experienced auto locksmith to help you solve it quickly and efficiently. Automotive Locksmith Services can be called in for locked vehicles, such as car, truck, van, minivan, SUV, motorcycle, or boat. Most modern locksmiths offer auto, security, access control, access detection, garage door opener, remote keypad entry, ignition, satellite locks, trunk release, door window remotes, ignition recovery, key cutting and many more security services. Here’s the complete list of commercial and residential automotive locksmith services that offer:

Automotive Locksmith Services

Emergency lockout/opening. Most automotive locksmith services can help in the event of a lockout/opening emergency, usually for vehicle and home keys. The most common reason for emergency lockout/opening service is losing a key while in the ignition, so they may be able to help with opening the doors by unlocking them from the outside or by pressing a button on the keypad.

Duplication and/or replacement. Some automotive locksmith services offer transponder key replacement and/or duplication. Transponder key duplication or replacement service typically involves two or more duplicate keys for the ignition system of the vehicle or, for home security systems, the security code. Most duplicated or replaced keys must be compatible with the make, model, and year of the vehicle being replaced. Other reasons for duplication or replacement include lost keys, worn out transponder keys, and damaged auto locks.

Replacement car keys. Automotive locksmith services can also help in situations where you’ve locked your keys inside a vehicle or at home and need a new set of car keys. In this case, the services usually offer both new and used car keys.

Security safes. Cars and homes often require a high level of security in order to ensure the safekeeping of valuable items. Automotive locksmith services can provide a wide range of security safes, including deadbolts, internal and external key duplicates, and padlocks. Many of these security safes are designed specifically to keep keys outside of the car or house and protected from the elements. Others are designed to be placed under the car’s hood or on the door frame, ensuring that they remain locked at all times.

Key duplication and/or replacement. If you’ve lost car keys or misplaced car keys while traveling, an automotive locksmith services company will often be able to help. Automotive locksmiths can duplicate car keys and install new ones with ease. Most locksmiths offer services for both new and used car keys. A good service provider will have a large database so that it’s always possible to request information regarding a particular key combination. The company may also have a phone number or website where owners can call to request assistance in cases of lost or stolen car keys.

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