AC Installation: Choosing Your New Appliance

The short answer is, It all depends! The tricky part is that this is actually a very loaded question and does not always have a clear answer. In reality, one of the most surprising factors homeowners tend to be surprised by when it come to their AC installation really is the total cost of their new AC system itself. Yes, the cost is included in the overall budget but it is not always immediately obvious how much something like an air conditioner installation will set you back. As a matter of fact, it can end up costing more than you may think and it is not always a simple matter of walking into your local store and picking up the phone book and looking for the number of a company that offers this type of services.

One thing that most people tend to overlook when they are trying to figure out how much an air conditioning system will cost them is the actual load calculation involved. Usually, homeowners simply take the square footage of their home or condominium unit and multiply that by the number of units in the building to get an overall cost for their new air conditioner installation. However, this calculation is not the most effective way to figure out how much an air conditioner installation will actually cost you. In fact, it is more accurate to look at the annualized amount of electricity used over the course of a typical year. With this information, you can then calculate how many units your AC system will need to run during the year to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The best way to get a rough estimate on how much your central air conditioning installation will cost is to contact either a local HVAC contractor or a local heating and air engineer. These professionals will be able to give you an accurate load calculation which can then be used with other pricing resources to give a more accurate picture of your air conditioning costs. If you contact both these professionals, it is a good idea to also have the unit measured so that you have the same square footage to work with as the contractor. Measurements of different air conditioners can vary quite a bit, so having the right dimensions for the home or office you are going to install the air conditioning unit in is very important.

When you are looking to install your new central air conditioning system, be sure to choose a professional that is familiar with your type of home or office. In particular, if you are installing the air conditioning system in a hot air conditioned room, you need to ensure that your HVAC installer has experience installing and operating a cool air conditioning system in a hot area. In most cases, a professional air conditioning install will have extensive experience installing both the cooling and heating systems of commercial buildings.

Once you have chosen a contractor to work on your new air conditioning unit, you will then need to choose the size of unit you would like installed. In many cases, individuals will need to install their own individual model air conditioner. However, if your HVAC needs to be larger than the standard model, it may be necessary to hire professionals to do the job. Before contacting any professionals, be sure to take a number of measurements. These measurements should include a number of different things including the clearance from the ceiling of the room you are installing the air conditioning unit into, the width of the room, the height of a door in the room, the width of your garage, etc. By taking these measurements before you contact any air conditioning installation professionals, you will ensure that they will be able to give you an accurate cost estimate.

Once you have decided which air conditioner model you would like to install, whether it is a cooling or heating model, you will need to choose the appropriate refrigerant for your new unit. If you currently have a chilled drink dispenser in your business, you may already have the required refrigerant in stock. If not, you can purchase your required refrigerant from most local home improvement centers or hardware stores. Once you have purchased all the required refrigerant and your new unit is ready to install, be sure to thoroughly read and understand the AC installation guidelines provided with your new unit. Failure to read these guidelines could result in damage to your new unit, costly mistakes during the install, or a complete waste of money.

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